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Seasonal-Evergreen Roping - Custom Handmade

Price: $7.50 per yard
This item can be shipped, delivered locally, or picked up at our store.
Our live evergreen roping is handmade by us, and custom designed by you! Choose a combination of up to four evergreen foliage types. If you aren't sure what to pick, select "Designer's Choice" and we will choose a combination of greens for you, based on years of experience.

For best results, you should measure your decorating areas first to determine the length of roping required. For a quick overview you can see our typical sizes below.

Typical Length of Roping Required for:

A single doorway:    6 yards (18 feet)
A double doorway:   7 yards (21 feet)
A 6 ft tall lamp post:  3 yards (9 feet)

Still not exactly what you're looking for? We are not limited by the standard combinations you see here. We can incorporate other types of foliage and decorations into your roping. Just call or email us, tell us more about your design ideas, and we will create a cost estimate for your custom roping.

Can be picked up instore, delivered locally or shipped worldwide from November to December


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